What is our world coming too now?

What is our world coming to now?

     Sometimes I sit and wonder what our world is coming to now. Especially now after what happened in the Connecticut elementary. This just shows that violence keeps escalating in our country. What is violence going to have to get to in order for us to realize that it has gotten to far, and not just with what happened in Connecticut but all over the world in third world countries. What is it going to take in order for us to do a change in all these places so that other people will not get affected by them.

     There also comes the issue of what people think of all these situations and as how they happen. Most importantly it deals with the things that we as citizens of each country are taking in from the news, and all the labels they are putting on each delinquent that does something of this big massacre. People now a days try to blame it on all these labels when in reality they are not looking past all that. They should be looking at good and evil. This is something that takes control over our earth. Evil is always around us ready to devour us along with might come with it wants to do in our life.

     So the real question here is what are you going to do make a change about the good and evil that happens in our world. Is it going to be for the better or worse of our society and third world countries. Try to make the right decision not only for yourself, but for the other people around you. Try to find the answers you are looking for whether it be through church, reading the bible, or what you think you should do in order to make things right. Don’t let time pass, and keep passing by when it is too late like it was for the people in Connecticut that now that they are gone people are trying to do something about it. It should not ever get that far. So please do each other a favor, and don’t ever let it get that far again.

Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to read this Blog not for me, but to make justice for other people who need it now more than ever.


Allison M. Chapa


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