How has Technology

 changed us?

By: Allison M. Chapa

     Technology has changed so much in the past years. As a teacher you need to be familiar with a lot of the technology. Sometimes this might be difficult, because they are coming up with so many new things. Recently I attended a workshop on technology, and how it has changed throughout time for teachers.

     Technology has grown bigger when it comes to being able to show YouTube videos to our class, that go accordingly with our lessons. Also there are so many other things we can do just by using a lap top or by using social networks. It is a great way for our students to learn at least in my opinion. Now we are also going to be able to use social networks to let our students know when an assignment is due.

     It makes me consider what technology is doing for us as teachers and around the whole world. It seems like it is doing so many things now a days that are very beneficial, but it can also be very bad. It is something we have to learn how to use wisely in order to not do anything bad as teachers or when it comes to using it world-wide. Worldwide I consider it is something that is catching on. It is catching on through trainings and other people  that are teaching other people how to use certain things that have to do with technology.

     The real question here is has technology changed us for the better or for the worst? I consider it has changed us for the better, because it will help us as teachers to be able to teach more effectively. Teaching more effectively so that our students can understand is very important. Students should be able to understand and correlate what they are learning through technology.


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