Love Is Complicated

Love is Complicated

By: Allison M. Chapa

Love can be so complicated at times! You think you find the right person, and then after a couple of years you realize why did I choose to start going out with this person if he does not treat me the way I should be treated. Then the person you left realizes what they have lost, and start to think why did I mess up so much. I should have never let the person go! What they don’t realize is that the person that decided to leave the person realized this a lot sooner and this is the way they decided to leave such a hurtful relationship. Then they try to make amends to how they are and the relationship that is not there anymore! So the real question here is, “What else is there to be fixed if it has already been fixed by not being with the person anymore, and not having contact with them at all!” The real answer is nothing, because you can’t do anything about this situation anymore when there is nothing else to do!


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